Trash Card Game

Trash (aka garbage) is an easy but super fun two-player card game.

Play trash against 10 fun AI opponents.

1. Ten cards are dealt to each player facedown
2. The first player draws a card from the deck
3. If Ace thru 10, place the card on the matching location
4. The facedown card underneath is flipped and place on top
5. If matching location is open, place that card next
6. Keep going as long as matching spaces are open…
7. Jacks are wild… put them anywhere you want
8. If a card can’t be placed, trash it and the next player goes
9. If opponent trashes a card you want, you can take it
10. The first player to flip all locations wins the round!
11. Next round, the winner gets one less location
12. When a player wins 10 rounds, they win the match!

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